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Polestar, Volvo’s brand of electric cars, has announced production of its concept car, the Precept, a 100% electric vehicle, expected to be launched in 3 or 4 years. It will be one of the first cars equipped with the new Android Automotive platform from Google.

The Precept is the fourth car produced by Polestar, and also the most advanced, with a clear focus on the design, high technology and sustainability. The brand claims to be on its way to becoming truly sustainable, beyond electrification. This is an innovative move, with the addition of an elegant and efficient design into the world of sustainable vehicle manufacturing.

The Precept has a variety of safety features, including two radar sensors and an HD camera, and has been designed for maximum aerodynamics, with wing-mounted cameras that replace mirrors to reduce drag and a “front spoiler” on the hood, designed to enhance the car’s progress through the air. The car is expected to have a range of 625 km.

As part of Polestar’s move towards a zero carbon footprint, it features a vegan interior that incorporates natural linen-based compounds instead of virgin plastics, 3D-woven seat covers made from recycled plastic bottles, vinyl headrests made of cork and rugs made from recovered fishing nets. This special composition helps reduce plastic waste by 80% and its weight by 50%. It’s a remarkable move for a 100% electric car.

However, since the automotive industry is the reflection of current technological advances, the user experience and brand is gaining strength and prominence. As explained by Terence Conran,

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