The application of basic ecodesign criteria when thinking about the design leads to value proposals aligned with the optimization of resources and a sustainable design.

At Innova Industrial Design, these values are our basic industrial design rules.


In this case, we can see how less is more as an ecodesign criteria. Eliminating materials, such as the use of just one polymer and eliminating other components, such as the metal tweezers and its assembly, defined the project itself and its formal aspects.

Generating Friendly products for users leads to an optimal user experience.


The objective was to generate a shading structure solution with a high level of adaptation to the architectural environment. To do so, we chose to focus on solutions with a simple visual. We focused on ecodesign criteria such as:

  • Mono-materiality
  • Optimization
  • Multifunctionality or a single structure with multiple configurations.
  • Use or reuse of elements already manufactured by the client.

These concepts were applied as differential values of the design