Product design
Briefing, Analysis, MPV, Development, PoC


Designing is analysing, reviewing, problem solving

Understanding a company’s objectives through the product. Applying our multi-sector knowledge and Know How aligned with the company strategy.

Design Thinking as a tool to generate value concepts and disruptive solutions. Specific toolkit for each project. On-site design with the aim of updating the problem to be solved and identifying the basic principles of the product. All of the above intended to create a highly competitive Product Profile.

Industrial development

More with less

We put our resources at the service of the company for the proper industrialization of the product.

In this process, the optimisation of the design must be focused on the optimisation of the resources required for its manufacture.

We generate and direct the entire value chain from the conceptualization of the solution, through Project Management, manufacturing files and quality control of production processes.

Methodology agile scrum

Generation of a development plan and working team.

Application of agile methodologies which provide dynamism and visibility to design projects. Transparency in decisions and

iterative projects. Dynamic markets demand dynamic processes and continuous updating of all projects.


Focused on functionality and the user experience.

Identification of the essential characteristics of an MVP and the generation of PoC proofs of concept.


Each prototyping technology allows us to verify certain aspects of a project and prototype design.

The generation of a prototyping plan is only successful with proper knowledge of the materials and processes. What should we validate, how, and using which materials and procedures? Advances in this field offers new possibilities and development.