Artículo de Andrea Alemañ. 18/03/24

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The IF Design Awards are one of the most recognized international awards in the product design sector and we are proud of this great recognition.

This year, we have been awarded two IF Design Awards 2024.

One of the awards has been awarded to our OWO Haptic System product, a haptic T-shirt that redefines the virtual reality experience. Our team designed the connector and control device, known as the OWO Device, which complements the innovative technology developed by the OWO team for the t-shirt and all the integrated electronics.

Feeling a shot, a punch, an axe or something less harmful like an insect bite, the wind in your face or someone grabbing your arm. This is what the ‘OWO Haptic System’ offers, the first of the two awarded products. The system offers the player the possibility to choose between 30 different sensations related to a sense hitherto unexplored in the gaming sector: touch.

We received the second prize for our Astrale product, a road lighting luminaire that combines design, efficiency and functionality, designed for SECOM ILUMINACION SL. Solution fully aligned to the current and future needs of Smart Cities.

Esta particular luminaria, además de la elegancia de su diseño externo, posee una característica funcional que la convierte en un elemento único y singular: la solución de dispersión del calor -requisito necesario en este tipo de productos- está inspirada en las hojas de los árboles y en su nervadura natural.

Astrale es un claro exponente de aplicar al diseño de producto el proceso conocido como biomímesis -observación de la naturaleza para extraer de ella soluciones-.



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