First International Design Congress

Artículo de Andrea Alemañ. 27/05/24


Design, as a creative activity, plays a fundamental role in providing products and services with an attractive and functional external appearance. In developed economies, design is not only an aesthetic issue, but a crucial strategy for differentiation and market success. The Province of Alicante, recognized for its leadership in design-intensive industries such as footwear, toy, furniture and home-textile industry, became the perfect setting for the I International Design Congress, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante.

This congress, held on 16 and 17 May, was designed to disseminate the legal tools for protecting design and to highlight its importance as a differentiation strategy. The event was a platform for design professionals, both local and international, to share their knowledge and experiences, and to highlight the crucial role of design in economic and social growth.

We are pleased to announce that Rafael Villar, CEO of Innova Industrial Design, was one of the featured speakers at this congress. Villar participated in the panel discussion entitled “The Creative Process”, which took place on 16 May. This session explored the key stages of the creative process in industrial design and discussed how companies can innovate and differentiate through design.

The International Design Congress was an invaluable opportunity for professionals and companies looking to innovate and excel in the competitive world of design. At Innova Industrial Design, we are proud to have been part of this pioneering event and to have contributed with our ideas and experiences to drive the future of design.

We thank the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante for organizing this event and all attendees for making this congress a resounding success.

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