The Smart City Expo World Congress 2021, organized by the Fira de Barcelona, will be held from 16 to 18 November. In the wake of the pandemic, and with more arguments if possible, we have seen how cities adapt to the needs of citizens through the innovation of companies and the will to align the metropolises.

Companies from all over the country and great external presence, the event is shown as a global reference and in the Smart Cities.

It has been an intense few days where we have observed the advances of the companies of different sectors oriented towards the measurement and parameterization of the KPIs that the city can offer us and the connectivity with the cities.

Traffic control cameras, meteorological stations, automotive, road lighting, and so we could continue indefinitely are some of the products that allow, through their functionality and trainings to coexist in a connected environment.

The correct application of industrial design oriented towards optimal product functionality, and already required optimization of resources and materials, allows positioning as the necessary tool for the success of such products.

The flowering of equipment installation, maintenance, transport, durability, end of product cycle and of course communication of brand values.

A more “Friendly” design that transfers us a less aggressive and at the same time trained city image.

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