ZEN Awnings

Name ZEN Awnings
Client Gaviota
Sector Facilities
Materials Aluminium, Zamac


The key to the success of this project is the product strategy proposed by Innova Industrial Design, making it possible to create a new business model.

Shading structure and pergolas for the home market and commercial spaces designed for Gaviota-Simbac.

“The product characteristics are aimed at capturing interior designers and architects as influencers.”

The first phase of the project consisted of analysing the usability of this type of product in the installed spaces. Meanwhile, we attended installations. At this time, we could see opportunities in the market.

We created a structure with an aesthetic level based on minimalism and strict functionality. To do so, we studied various structural systems, adapting traditional Japanese architecture from the late nineteenth century as a model.

Periodically, the client launches new products on the market consisting of new accessories for the structure: Integrated LED lighting, lateral enclosures, various covers, lateral shelves, integrated water vapor systems, etc.