Client Cauchos Karey
Sector Livestock
Materials Caucho, PVC, EVA


“System of beds and comfort accessories for cattle installations based on Biomimicry”.

After a preliminary analysis by Innova ID, we were able to identify the following challenges: Easy installation, greater product durability for easy cleaning, favouring productivity at all levels and creating a valuable product strategy.

Bio-M System, a flooring system and other elements designed for the animal’s living space. The objective is to improve levels of comfort, hygiene and thermal insulation essential to improving daily well-being on the farm, as well as increasing


The solution consists of an integrated system which facilitates installation in a novel, comfortable and simple manner. Through its various parts, manufactured in various latest-generation polymers and elastomers using injection and vulcanization techniques.

Comprised of three main elements – bib, bed and dividers—, the Bio-M System makes installing our system easy for any farmer, by means of a quick and easy assembly process. Moreover, the Bio-M System facilitates the farmer’s maintenance work, increasing productivity in this regard as well.