Artículo by Andrea Alemañ, Project Manager de Innova ID. 13/10/22

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The Smart Sensor Traffic Eye was awarded a second European Product Design Award this year. International award for product design.

The European Product Design Award was created to recognise the efforts of international product designers seeking to improve the lives of users. They reward the strategic thinking and imagination needed to create a great product. This year has been awarded to several Spanish companies and studios such as Teka Group, Azkoyen, Point or Woodendot. And top international companies like Land Rover, DAB Motors, ASKO or Möels and Co.

The Smart Sensor has been awarded for its differentiated, compact and practical design. The design allows the application of functional modules that extend the capabilities of the camera without an extra cost. The camera body incorporates guides on both sides to join other modules such as flashes and other solutions to be developed in the future. Its refined design transmits a more modern image as an electronic device eliminating solutions with an industrial language. A natural ventilation system has been designed that reduces the internal temperature of the electronics by requiring less performance from internal fans.

The Smart Sensor is already awarded with a Bronze Delta, national award given by the industrial design association, this is the second award and international quality seal that values good design.

These recognitions would not have been possible without Lector Vision, a company that has opted for design and differentiation in its new products and the development of a system of traffic analysis cameras and license plates with integration of AI and Deep Learningn solutions.

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