Client Lector Vision
Sector Traffic
Materials Aluminio, PA


Traffic and license plate analysis camera system with integration of AI and Deep Learning solutions. The design makes it possible to apply multiple functionalities that expand the capabilities of the camera with no additional costs. The camera body includes guides on both sides to connect with other modules, such as flash bulbs and other solutions to be developed in the future. The design is open to new elements. Moreover, its refined design conveys a more modern image for an electronic device, eliminating solutions with an industrial look. A natural ventilation system has been designed to reduce the internal temperature of the electronics, requiring less use of internal fans. The compact design of the product eliminates the wind’s effect on the camera, preventing pieces from falling to the street, improving road safety.

The design language in this product separates it from the competition, creating a unique Lector Vision look which will benefit its future products.

Design balanced in its proportions with an extruded aluminium enclosure that resolves all electronics challenges, such as ventillation/protection and safety.

Friendly traffic control design. Resistant to shocks and weather resistant.

Balance between looks and functionality.

Easy installation and broad functionality. The guides integrated into the body make it easy to install new modules on site. It’s efficient.