Renewable energy
Client Soltec
Sector Renewable energy
Materials Aluminium, PA

Tracker SF8

SOLCTEC is a world leader in single axis solar trackers. The SF8 tracker is an electronic control device for orienting solar panels. This product is the result of SOLTEC’s commitment to design as a tool for solving challenges. The set of solutions applied to the SF8 is not only limited to the control device, but also includes the optimization in time and costs of anchoring the system to the structure. Its installation used to require two people and fifteen minutes. Now it can be done by just one person. This reduction in time is especially important when there are 100,000 units to install each year.

Industrial design has made it possible to convert an installation problem, through the Innova Industrial design solution, into a patented system. We’ve created an asset for the company.

The system is comprised of a Tracker, fixing magnets and clamping claws.

Its design can support 50 degrees over and under zero.

Robust product designed for installation. The design finds the balance between functionality and the product image. Power the brand through friendly design. The public objective is the installation of solar panels, but its

design optimizes the industrial language while displaying it through an organic language.

Installation costs are reduced by 50%. This amounts to an annual savings of 25,000 man hours. The device is fixed to the pipe using two magnets while the claws actuate by rotating on their axis. These claws tighten with a screw, attaching firmly to the pipe. Later, the magnets are removed to be used in another installation.