We all yearn for recognition of our professional work. The main one, which is recognized by the clients through the achievement of the achieved objectives of the projects, but no doubt that the one that gives you the professional awards is also important.

They give you visibility and help tangibilize the value of your work nationally and internationally. In the last two/three years our products and customers have started to appear in exhibitions, museums, product selections, professional websites, etc.

If we are proud of anything, it is the diversity of award-winning products that fits the profile and values of our company in terms of vision of design activity in the world we are in. It is being an exponential and varied recognition for our capabilities.

In 2008 we received our first national recognition with the werable for the social health sector designed for Mysphera. The challenge in the project was to create a durable product for hospitals and safe for patients.

Later, for the design of the ZEN shade for Seagull, the knowledge in materials and trends allowed us to dive in different architectures where the connections between components were a value. Finally we were inspired by the traditional Japanese architecture for the design of the product. It was awarded with an ADCV Award in the 2011.

We didn’t show up for any more awards until 2018. He went to the German Design Awards with The Green Memory ecological crown from removable living plants for those close to him at the ceremony. It was our first international award. This product was selected in 2020 as a Delta Selection.

In that year we were also awarded the IF Design Award by Keisy, High Performance Functional Bathroom Screen designed for Profiltek. If you have products or challenges that are identified with here do not hesitate to contact us.

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